Millet and Squash plus a Breakfast Porridge

One of the questions I am most often asked is “What does a macrobiotic person eat for breakfast?”

It’s a good one. Question, that is. Though the breakfast is pretty darn good too.

For hubs and I, and like most other people, it mostly depends on how much time we have. Weekend mornings often mean there’s more time to relax. To indulge in a treat, a brunch. Most days though, time is of the essence. Thank goodness for left-over grain porridge.

It’s easy. Take your leftover grain from the evening before, add some water then bring to a boil, Reduce the heat and let it simmer until the porridge thickens a bit and the grain is soft and sweet. From there, you can add any number of extras. Fruits- fresh or dried, nuts, seeds, milk or amasake, a syrup, jam or apple butter perhaps? Alongside the porridge, we try to include some sort of leafy green. Napa and collard are among our favourites. Yes. You read that correctly. I know- it seems weird at first. Trust me though, having a leafy green at breakfast makes you feel amazing.

It’s true.

The porridge you see here is one of my favourites. I made it last fall, with my millet and squash leftovers, and it has been gracing our breakfast table frequently ever since. Millet is fast, easy and gluten free. It’s also a great grain choice for any of you out there with candida problems. Millet is your friend. Combined with squash it makes a simple and fabulous dinner side, and a killer weekday morning porridge.

I’ve left the measurements open for the most past- add enough water to achieve your desired consistency. If you add too much, the extra will evaporate. If you still added too much, add a small bit of diluted kuzu in to help the porridge thicken. I served it this morning with toasted pumpkin seeds. Tip! make a big batch of those so you have some to snack on and some to make a dressing for your veggies later on in the day.

For dinner, serve the millet and squash (the pre-porridge version!) alongside a bean and a green and you’re good to go.

pia - May 30, 2012 - 11:33 pm

when squash is not in season–what else could u substitute it for in this recipe?

Shauna - May 31, 2012 - 10:04 am

Hi Pia,

I use squash all year long… so tasty and delicious… although nothing compares with fresh orange kabocha squash in the fall. I could eat that stuff like candy!

You could use other veggies like carrots or corn, onion, cauliflower… although squash translates best into a sweet breakfast porridge. The others would be tasty savoury… maybe used as leftovers in croquettes! I’m getting hungry…

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