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Kinpira Nori Rolls (Vegan Macrobiotic Sushi!)

As promised, my favourite way to use left-over kinpira! We’ll also use it freshly cooked this way, as it is sooooView full post »

Peach Sorbet

“I made strawberry sorbet from Eric’s book,” Hubs said to me over a long distance phone call lastView full post »

Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

Early summer. The sun is bright and hot, but the breeze is still pleasantly cool. It’s perfect patio weather. AndView full post »

Birthday Quinoa Salad

I have a little sister. It seems funny to write it that way now that we’re both fully grown and mostly matureView full post »

Simple Chickpea Salad and a Caribbean Adventure

Hubs and I had an adventure. We loaded up our suitcases, packed our swimsuits and snorkel gear, hopped in the car andView full post »

Left Over Rice Pudding

Hubs and I have been away. It was lovely travelling and exploring new places, visiting family and enjoying new peopleView full post »

Colourful Carrot and Burdock Kinpira

Of all the root vegetables used in macrobiotics, burdock is the creepiest. Dark brown and sinister, unlike any otherView full post »

Damn Good Salad

Along with some millet and chickpea croquettes, I made this salad for lunch today. And it is too good not to share withView full post »

Roasted Almond with Cranberry Chewy Bars

These bars are really tasty. Hubs and I have eaten our way through 3 batches already. Oh the perils of recipe creationView full post »

Marinated Black Quinoa and A Pressed Red Radish Side Dish

I’m playing the good sister/bad sister game. While I was in Calgary this summer visiting family I made a quinoaView full post »

Distracted by Mochi Croutons- Basic Noodles in Broth

It’s American Thanksgiving today. With all the blogs I’ve been perusing featuring amazingly rich andView full post »

Apple Butter

When I was a kid there was one thing I detested more than anything else. Nope- not broccoli or green beans. Applesauce.View full post »

Tropical Sunset Squash Soup

It has been a busy few weeks around here. A good busy, actually a really good busy- Warren’s visit, launching theView full post »

Quinoa Porridge for Dad

Macrobiotics crept up on me. My doctor told me about it during an appointment a few years ago, so I took a cooking classView full post »

A Thanksgiving taste of summer- No Bake Lemon Millet Mini “Doughnuts”

This past weekend, Canadian Thanksgiving, was a decadent treat for weather. A Thanksgiving picnic in the park was justView full post »