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Instagram and Hello!!

After months of phone/messenger tag, I finally connected with one of my sweetest friends the other week. It feels likeView full post »

She Cooks Macro Featured on The Kind Life!

Soooooo super excited to be featured on Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life today!! It’s a huge honour and ifView full post »


Friends. I’m neck deep finishing up a huge work project this week with plans to resume regular posting next week.View full post »

To Be Kind

One way you could say it, is that 2013 was a year. Or you could delve into all the gory details and say it was a giantView full post »

Merry Christmas

A few weeks back, in the approximately 1 spare minute he had while getting ready for work, Hubs agreed to model someView full post »

Where wild blueberries grow

After a 3 hour drive north along the highway we turned left at the towering old train bridge. One quick, winding roadView full post »

time to breathe

I want to dangle strings of lights from the giant tree that gives shade to our apartment. Heavy branches cocooning ourView full post »

Farewell, Betsy.

We recently retired our trusty old car, Betsy, a light brown 1993 Honda Accord. In our family since she was brand new, IView full post »

{heart} tofu

An ordinary task. A quick and tasty lunch. Roasting tofu. Flipping to glaze the other side. An unexpected heart appearsView full post »

#Chewathon day 5 & 6

Short and quick for today! After 5 full days of chewing well I am: *Feeling full and satisfied eating less (withoutView full post »

Costa Rica

We walked on the beach, venturing out on low tide to swim in hidden tide-pools in the rock. Nature’s infinityView full post »

A Cookbook Giveaway + Black Bean Soup with Lime

It’s always about this time of year that I start to dream of travel. Especially tropical travel. Something aboutView full post »

Kinpira Nori Rolls (Vegan Macrobiotic Sushi!)

As promised, my favourite way to use left-over kinpira! We’ll also use it freshly cooked this way, as it is sooooView full post »

One Year + Apple Beignets

Feeling thankful. It’s what I’ve been trying to capture, sitting here, writing, deleting, writing, deletingView full post »

and the winner is…

Hello from Calgary! I’ve escaped from Toronto for the weekend (sadly without Hubs) and have landed in Alberta!View full post »