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Body Scrub + Day 12 + Friday Link Love

Happy Friday!! Hope you’ve all had a great week doing the body scrub. It’s already starting to feel likeView full post »

Body Scrub – Day 11

It’s just been a few days and already I feel a difference. Tell me, why is it so easy to neglect something that isView full post »

Day 9 – Body Scrubs and Revelations

My head hit the pillow last night and I swear I was almost asleep within seconds. It was a crazy day of intense butView full post »

Body Scrub – Day 8

I’m in the midst of finishing up a giant work project, so this week is going to be pretty intense. SinceView full post »

Going with the Flow & Issue One

I’m a dreamer and I dream big dreams. This post, for instance, I intended to present in a very different format.View full post »

The Body Scrub

ABOUT Every year billions of dollars are spent on various creams, lotions, topical treatments, remedies, ointments andView full post »

Chew-a-thon complete!

Hello everyone. No recipe today, sorry, as life is a little hectic around here at the moment… Thank goodness forView full post »

#Chewathon day 5 & 6

Short and quick for today! After 5 full days of chewing well I am: *Feeling full and satisfied eating less (withoutView full post »

#Chewathon Day 4 + Brown Rice Recipe

{click image above to learn how to make perfect brown rice!} So you’ve been chewing the bejeezus out of each andView full post »

#Chewathon Day 2 & 3

Hello everyone!! How is your week of chewing going?  I’ve been having a blast following along with Jessica PorterView full post »

#Chewathon Day One!

It’s day one of this week’s chew-a-thon! What kind of things are you making and chewing? Hubs made deliciousView full post »


It was Friday afternoon and I was feeling, well, a little blah. Whatever the reason(s), I felt like I needed a littleView full post »