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Going with the Flow & Issue One

I’m a dreamer and I dream big dreams. This post, for instance, I intended to present in a very different format.View full post »

lacinato kale

It’s no secret that I adore kale. It’s delicious water sauteed with dressing, as pesto, and as light andView full post »

Basic Miso Soup. Ninja Food.

Besides being delicious, miso soup is, basically, food for ninjas. Super powered, stealthy, ninjas. Ninjas can’tView full post »

gomashio (aka super yum sesame salt)

That’s right. I wrote “super yum” and I’m stickin’ with it. Because it is. Gomashio, orView full post »


Happy Friday! Hubs and I returned this week from an amazing time in Costa Rica! While I sort through all the photos forView full post »

Roasted Barley Tea

You could see your breath, a miniature cumulus cloud puffing up magically with every exhale. The grass was frozen,View full post »


Happy Friday! The rain outside is torrential. Perfect, in fact, for this next ingredient post (with recipe!)- KukichaView full post »


Happy Friday!! Up next in our Introducing Macro Ingredients Series is Kombu. Have a lovely weekend! xx  I fell in loveView full post »


Happy Friday! I’m so excited to be sharing the first post in the “Introducing Macro Ingredients”View full post »