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Day 5 – Brown Rice Porridge

In a bold and daring move, splashed with a side of insanity, hubs and I adopted a kitten a few months back. How couldView full post »

Amaranth Porridge

The first time I made amaranth porridge was a disaster. I don’t know what went wrong, but it hardly cooked at allView full post »

Couscous Cake – An Easy Breakfast To Go

Yes. You read that correctly. Couscous… and cake. Together. Although this isn’t what I had for breakfastView full post »

Polenta Breakfast Porridge

Porridge for breakfast is da bomb. Much more gentle on the system than dried, hard toast, porridge is also more relaxingView full post »

#Chewathon Day 4 + Brown Rice Recipe

{click image above to learn how to make perfect brown rice!} So you’ve been chewing the bejeezus out of each andView full post »

Udon with Gingered Peanut Sauce

It’s Giveaway Day Three!! Hubs and I usually eat pretty well. I can very happily say that as we’ve beenView full post »

Cornbread with Scallion Butter

I had plans to make and share a different dish today. But as I was flipping through Grains and Greens last night, I sawView full post »

Macrobiotic Mashed “Potatoes”

“No potato?” These two words were almost a deal breaker for me. Growing up on the prairies, we ate a lot ofView full post »

Kinpira Nori Rolls (Vegan Macrobiotic Sushi!)

As promised, my favourite way to use left-over kinpira! We’ll also use it freshly cooked this way, as it is sooooView full post »

Millet Croquettes

Hello Everyone! First off, thank you, all, for your lovely comments on the last post. We’ll be announcing theView full post »

Tofu Feta {in a quick greek salad}

Yes. You see them correctly. If you look beyond the ridiculousness that is the tofu feta (more on that in a minute!) youView full post »

Brown Rice and Barley with Toasted Walnuts

Barley + brown rice + toasted walnuts = amazing. Thank goodness. It’s been an indulgent month. Lot’s ofView full post »

Kale and Walnut Pesto Pasta

Hubs and I wanted something easy. Relaxing to prepare and to enjoy. And it had to have kale. Lots of it. I sure do loveView full post »

Millet and Squash plus a Breakfast Porridge

One of the questions I am most often asked is “What does a macrobiotic person eat for breakfast?” It’sView full post »

Shiitake, Sprouts and Tofu Spring Rolls

I had planned to make sushi rolls for this post, when yet another friend exclaimed to me about their love-hateView full post »