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She Cooks Macro Featured on The Kind Life!

Soooooo super excited to be featured on Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life today!! It’s a huge honour and ifView full post »

Couscous Cake – An Easy Breakfast To Go

Yes. You read that correctly. Couscous… and cake. Together. Although this isn’t what I had for breakfastView full post »

Lemon Tofu Cheesecake with Shortbread Crust

It’s Grains and Greens Giveaway Day Five!! Have you entered yet? Because this cookbook contains some seriouslyView full post »

One Year + Apple Beignets

Feeling thankful. It’s what I’ve been trying to capture, sitting here, writing, deleting, writing, deletingView full post »

Vegan Chocolate Sacher Torte and a Giveaway!

I met Yukiko while studying at the Kushi Institute. She’s a completely lovely, beautiful person and a totalView full post »

Peach Sorbet

“I made strawberry sorbet from Eric’s book,” Hubs said to me over a long distance phone call lastView full post »

Nut and Seed Granola & Parfaits

I’ve been staring resolutely at the computer screen, trying to form a cohesive sentence to type. I can’t getView full post »

Spiced Pear & Almond Cream Verrines

Happy Friday!! Another week almost finished, another weekend to look forward to. Do you have any exciting plans?View full post »

Left Over Rice Pudding

Hubs and I have been away. It was lovely travelling and exploring new places, visiting family and enjoying new peopleView full post »

Roasted Almond with Cranberry Chewy Bars

These bars are really tasty. Hubs and I have eaten our way through 3 batches already. Oh the perils of recipe creationView full post »

Apple Butter

When I was a kid there was one thing I detested more than anything else. Nope- not broccoli or green beans. Applesauce.View full post »

stove top prune plum candied crisp

It all started with a Groupon. One for local, organic groceries delivered to your home that included two separateView full post »

A Thanksgiving taste of summer- No Bake Lemon Millet Mini “Doughnuts”

This past weekend, Canadian Thanksgiving, was a decadent treat for weather. A Thanksgiving picnic in the park was justView full post »