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Day 5 – Brown Rice Porridge

In a bold and daring move, splashed with a side of insanity, hubs and I adopted a kitten a few months back. How couldView full post »

Amaranth Porridge

The first time I made amaranth porridge was a disaster. I don’t know what went wrong, but it hardly cooked at allView full post »

Couscous Cake – An Easy Breakfast To Go

Yes. You read that correctly. Couscous… and cake. Together. Although this isn’t what I had for breakfastView full post »

Day 2 – Polenta “French Toast”

Okay… French toast is maybe a stretch, but polenta cakes didn’t really to fit either! Whatever you decide toView full post »

Polenta Breakfast Porridge

Porridge for breakfast is da bomb. Much more gentle on the system than dried, hard toast, porridge is also more relaxingView full post »

Where wild blueberries grow

After a 3 hour drive north along the highway we turned left at the towering old train bridge. One quick, winding roadView full post »

Basic Miso Soup. Ninja Food.

Besides being delicious, miso soup is, basically, food for ninjas. Super powered, stealthy, ninjas. Ninjas can’tView full post »

Weekend Brunch: Biscuits

Hubs and I love a good brunch. It’s always kind of been our thing. Epic. Brunch. We stumble out of bed, tummiesView full post »

Lemon Maple Pecan Scones + A Winner!

Hello! Wow- what a week and a bit it’s been!  Thanks to all who stopped by and left a comment- I just love toView full post »

Millet Croquettes

Hello Everyone! First off, thank you, all, for your lovely comments on the last post. We’ll be announcing theView full post »

Nut and Seed Granola & Parfaits

I’ve been staring resolutely at the computer screen, trying to form a cohesive sentence to type. I can’t getView full post »

Millet and Squash plus a Breakfast Porridge

One of the questions I am most often asked is “What does a macrobiotic person eat for breakfast?” It’sView full post »

Left Over Rice Pudding

Hubs and I have been away. It was lovely travelling and exploring new places, visiting family and enjoying new peopleView full post »

Apple Butter

When I was a kid there was one thing I detested more than anything else. Nope- not broccoli or green beans. Applesauce.View full post »

Quinoa Porridge for Dad

Macrobiotics crept up on me. My doctor told me about it during an appointment a few years ago, so I took a cooking classView full post »