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Body Scrub + Day 12 + Friday Link Love

Happy Friday!! Hope you’ve all had a great week doing the body scrub. It’s already starting to feel likeView full post »

Body Scrub – Day 11

It’s just been a few days and already I feel a difference. Tell me, why is it so easy to neglect something that isView full post »

Day 9 – Body Scrubs and Revelations

My head hit the pillow last night and I swear I was almost asleep within seconds. It was a crazy day of intense butView full post »

Body Scrub – Day 8

I’m in the midst of finishing up a giant work project, so this week is going to be pretty intense. SinceView full post »

Day 5 – Brown Rice Porridge

In a bold and daring move, splashed with a side of insanity, hubs and I adopted a kitten a few months back. How couldView full post »

Amaranth Porridge

The first time I made amaranth porridge was a disaster. I don’t know what went wrong, but it hardly cooked at allView full post »

Couscous Cake – An Easy Breakfast To Go

Yes. You read that correctly. Couscous… and cake. Together. Although this isn’t what I had for breakfastView full post »

Day 2 – Polenta “French Toast”

Okay… French toast is maybe a stretch, but polenta cakes didn’t really to fit either! Whatever you decide toView full post »

Be Kind – Day 1, Breakfast Week!

Okay Friends! Here we go. You got your shopping list last week- did you buy anything new and exciting? For week one we&#View full post »

Going with the Flow & Issue One

I’m a dreamer and I dream big dreams. This post, for instance, I intended to present in a very different format.View full post »