She Cooks Macro Featured on The Kind Life!

featured-peachsorbetSoooooo super excited to be featured on Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life today!! It’s a huge honour and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading both of Alicia’s books- The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama. Hubs and I are currently chillaxing at a cottage on a little island near Pointe au Baril in the middle of Georgian Bay and it is bliss. We’ve seen eagles, loons (even a baby loon!!), beavers, muskrats, tons of shooting stars, been to a sacred island to stand quietly and place our hands on a giant stone that seriously looks like a huge turtle, and watched gorgeous sunsets. Today we canoed through water as smooth as glass and it was so quiet you could hear the crickets from shore. As you can tell from my extended absence here, it’s been busy times for us so having this time in nature is really, truly appreciated.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer- and if you haven’t already, make this peach sorbet!! It is sooooo easy and simple. And delicious too!!

See you soon!! And thank you again to Alicia Silverstone and TheKindLife.Com for sharing this recipe. If you’re a new visitor, welcome!! Here are a few more treats you might enjoy!!

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+ some macro info

a handy (free!) downloadable macro shopping list + intro to macro

Kristin - August 20, 2014 - 6:34 pm

CONGRATS!!! That’s so amazing! Very proud of you!! Keep up the amazing work. YOU ROCK!!

Millie | Add A Little - September 28, 2014 - 2:38 am

Wow thats HUGE! Congratulations!
By the way, I love you site and recipes – so glad i stumbled upon it! :)

Shauna - September 28, 2014 - 9:30 am

Thanks, Millie!! I was pretty excited when they emailed to ask! I stopped over at over to see your site- you’ve got some great recipes up there too! Thanks for saying hello and keep in touch!

Shauna - September 28, 2014 - 9:31 am

Thanks, sis!!! :)

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